New Client Guide 

1. Accept Email Invite from Your Provider: Make sure you have responded to your email invite from your provider well before you plan to use the platform. Your provider cannot schedule a session with you until this email invitation is accepted and you have completed the steps of registration. If you don’t see the invitation from in your inbox, please check your Spam folder. To accept the invitation, click the link in the email. You will be directed to set your password from this link. Once you’ve set your password and are logged in there are four steps you must complete to finish your registration:

● Enter Personal Information (Time-zone, Date of Birth, Phone number, and Gender)

● Enter Billing Information (Not applicable for clients of providers who are not using the online billing feature)

● Enter Emergency Contact

● Agree to Terms and Conditions

2. View Your Provider’s Availability and Request an Online Video Session: To view your provider’s availability and request a session, go to Providers List > View Provider’s Availability. Available time is presented in blue on the calendar. To request a session, click into the desired available time slot, select the time you would like to meet, and click the “Request Session” button. Your provider will be notified of the request, and once your request has been approved, you will receive an email confirming the appointment.

3. Message Your Provider or Share Documents: To message your provider via our secure messaging feature, go to your Providers List > Message Provider, or go to the “Messages” tab on the left sidebar of your profile page and click “Compose”. Your provider will be notified that he/she has a new message via email. You can also upload documents to send to your provider. To do this, go to your “Documents” tab on the left sidebar of your profile page, and click “New Document”. Once the document is uploaded, click the “Send” paperclip icon next to the desired document, and attach the document in a message.

Scheduled Session Client Checklist

(Make sure the following steps are taken prior to your scheduled session for the optimal video conferencing experience)

1. Download Mozilla Firefox: Firefox is the recommended browser for Telemedico. If you don’t already have it downloaded, we strongly encourage you do so here as it allows you to have access to both stand-alone video conferencing solutions (Video Plugin and WebRTC) while in a session. In case you experience technical issues with one, you and your provider can choose to switch to the other for a backup video solution.

2. One-Time Download of the Video Plugin: After accepting the invitation your provider sent you, you will be asked to download the video plugin during the setup process. If you skipped this process while registering, please download the video plugin from one of the below links. After the installation is complete, you will need to restart your browser, and login again for the plugin to successfully upload.

Download For Mac

Download For Windows

3. Check Your Internet Speed: Before your first session with your provider, please check your internet speed to make sure your bandwidth is above the minimum requirements of 3mbps Upload and 3mbps Download. Go here to check your internet speed. If your internet speed is below this minimum, try connecting directly into the wall with an ethernet cord to access the internet and try the speed test again.

4. Reboot Your Computer: Prior to your appointment, reboot your computer, and make sure not to have any other applications open while using Telemedico for optimal performance.

5. Check-In to Your Scheduled Session: You will receive an email reminder one hour prior to your session. Follow the link in the email to login to the session, or login here. Once logged in, you will see your upcoming session under Today’s Reminders. Click the “Check-In” button to check into your scheduled session. Then click “OK” to “Do you want to enter the session and send a notification to your (Provider’s Name) that you are ready?” This will send your provider an email notifying them that you are ready to begin the session.

6. Agree to the Pre-Session Agreement: After checking into the session, you will land on the “Pre-Session Agreement”. Make sure you are in a safe and secure environment, and are wearing the appropriate attire to see your provider. We suggest pale neutral color clothing as it’s harder to process stripes and bright colors. If your provider is using our online billing, you also have the option of updating your credit card information for the session at this time.

7. Start Session: Once in the video conferencing page, you will see a “Start Session” button. If you see a check mark next to your provider’s name in the table, this means your provider is ready to start the session. If using WebRTC, after starting the session, you will see a pop-up appear in the top left corner of your screen asking to share your microphone and webcam. Make sure to click “Share Selected Devices” each time after starting the session using WebRTC.