Mobile Devices 

Have sessions on your iPad or other mobile device!

For the best possible video experience, make sure the device is connected to Wi-Fi, and that you have a strong internet connection.

In order to use your iPhone or Android device for your scheduled video session, you will need to first download the VidyoMobile app. For iPhone download here, and for Android download here. Once you have downloaded the app, go to , login using your account credentials, and Check into the scheduled session.  Start the session as normal by clicking the “Start Session” button. It should then direct you to the VidyoMobile app where you will be guided to view the license agreement, and “Accept” its terms. Once you have accepted these terms, you will be sent to the video conference automatically in the VidyoMobile app.

Troubleshooting Mobile Video Conferencing:

  1. Make sure you are using IOS or Android devices and operating system versions that are compatible with the software (See below for comprehensive list).
  2. Make sure that the VidyoMobile app is properly installed on your IOS or Android device. If you still see the popup alert to download the plug-in after starting the session, it has not been successfully installed.
  3. Make sure you have a strong WiFi internet connection.
  4. Refresh the browser page you have TeleMedico open on your mobile device, and restart the session. If that does not work, restart your browser, log back in, and start the session again.
  5. If your Android device has another browser, try starting the session using the other browser.
  6. If you are still experiencing problems, we encourage you to contact our support team at or 888-958-2885.


VidyoMobile for IOS


Device Version
iPhone 6+, 6, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4
iPod Touch 5th and 4th generation
iPad 4th, 3rd, 2nd, iPad Mini, iPad Air


VidyoMobile for Android

Status Manufacturer Model Android Version Carrier
Supported Acer Iconia 3.2 WiFi only
Recommended Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 7.2.1 (Kindle version) WiFi only
Recommended Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 8.1.3 (Kindle version) WiFi only
Recommended Asus Transformer Prime 4.1.1 WiFi only
Recommended Google Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 Global GSM
Supported Google Galaxy Nexus S 4.1.2 Global GSM
Recommended Google Nexus 4 4.3 GSM
Recommended Google Nexus 7 4.3 WiFi only
Recommended Google Nexus 7 (2013) 4.3 WiFi only
Recommended Google Nexus 10 4.3 WiFi only
Recommended HP Slate 7 4.1.2 WiFi only
Recommended HTC Droid DNA 4.1.1 Verizon
Supported HTC Evo 3D 4.0.3 Sprint
Recommended HTC One 4.1.2 AT&T
Supported HTC One X 4.1.1 AT&T
Recommended HTC Rezound 4.0.3 Sprint
Supported HTC Thunderbolt 4.0.3 Verizon
Recommended Huawei Ascend Mate 4.1.2 Global GSM
Recommended LG Intuition 4.0.4 Verizon
Supported LG Nitro HG 4.0.4 AT&T
Supported LG Optimus G Pro 4.1.2 AT&T
Recommended Motorola Atrix 2 2.3.5 AT&T
Supported Motorola RAZR 4.1.2 Verizon
Recommended Motorola RAZR MAXX HD 4.1.2 Verizon
Recommended Motorola Xoom 4.1.2 WiFi, Verizon
Supported Samsung Droid Charge 4G 2.3.6 Verizon
Recommended Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4.1.2 Global GSM
Recommended Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4.0.4 AT&T
Recommended Samsung Galaxy SIII 4.1.2 AT&T, Global GSM, Verizon, Sprint
Recommended Samsung Galaxy S4 4.2.2 AT&T
Recommended Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4.0.4 Verizon
Recommended Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 4.1.2 WiFi only
Recommended Samsung Note 8 4.1.2 WiFi only
Recommended Sony Xperia S 4.0.3 Global GSM
Recommended Sony Xperia Z 4.2.2 Global GSM

*Other Android devices not yet certified by VidyoMobile may work with VidyoMobile provided that they meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 1GHz single core ARMv7 processor
  • 512 RAM
  • OS version 2.2 and above
  • Speakers
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Screen resolution of 480×800 pixels
  • Optional: camera, microphone